Some of our resources are free and available to everyone. Code of ethics, guidelines & exercise specific Covid-19 resources.

Code of Ethical Practice

There are two relevant industry codes in New Zealand. One for facilities, and one for exercise professionals.

Facilities that have joined EXNZ agree to follow the EXNZ Code of Ethics. Exercise professionals registered with the NZ Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) agree to the Code of Ethical Practice. You can view or download these below and for more details of how to complain if you believe a person or business has breached a code, please see our complaints page.

Children in Exercise Facilities

Keeping our tamariki safe when exercising.

In conjunction with ACC, and the support of Sport New Zealand, we have developed national guidelines for children in exercise facilities. These guidelines cover any person aged 17 or under when using an exercise facility open to the public.


To save you time from going through the entire Covid-19 Government website, we have put together all the appropriate information that is related to our industry in the link below. There is also a comprehensive framework specific for our industry and other tools to help you operate in a Covid-19 environment.

Music Licencing

In New Zealand any business that plays music that can be heard by their clients (also known as public performance) is required to get permission from the copyright holders of the music they play.


IMPORTANT: The purchase of music (Spotify/iTunes/CD/Tape/MP3) does not give permission to pubically perform this music 


The easiest way to obtain this permission is by having a OneMusic Licence. 


OneMusic understands the challenges of COVID-19. When you were not able to operate or trade due to the national lockdown your OneMusic account was put on hold. As business returns, OneMusic will start to take accounts off hold with a discount applied. Please visit for more information.