The industry body for Pilates in Aotearoa

Pilates Aotearoa is a New Zealand-based, non-profit organisation which strives to support and give a voice to the Pilates industry.


Our aim for the organisation and through its membership is to:


Build a supportive and inclusive Pilates community specific to Aotearoa, recognising both individuals – Pilates Method Teachers, Pilates Fitness Instructors – and Pilates Studios and education providers.

Develop Professional Standards

Recognise and maintain professional standards for Pilates Method Teachers, Pilates Fitness Instructors, and Pilates education providers, fostering a high level of public safety and code of ethics.

Develop Careers

Progress the profession of Pilates in Aotearoa, including recognising and verifying professional development opportunities, providing career paths and transferable qualifications overseas.


Advocacy at national and international level promoting the Pilates profession, education and its role in enhancing the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders.


Being Inclusive

Building a Pilates community specific to Aotearoa, recognising both individuals – Pilates Method Teachers, Pilates Fitness Instructors, and Pilates Studios.

Serving the Industry

Building standards, fostering professionalism, advocating for the New Zealand Pilates industry both nationally and internationally.

Building the Community

Through professional development opportunities, conference presentations, membership benefits, newsletters and social media posts.

Striving for Excellence

Ensuring that everyone has access to quality education and professional development options to help further their career. Ensuring international recognition of qualifications gained through registered Pilates providers in New Zealand.



A code of ethics and scope of practice outline the boundaries, responsibilities, and ethical guidelines that professionals must adhere to, ensuring safe and effective delivery of services while upholding standards of care and professionalism. Please click here for a PDF of our code of ethics and scope of practice





Council Chairperson

Stephanie comes from a fitness, Pilates, legal and governance background. Stephanie saw a need within the Pilates industry and wanted to utilise her governance skills and connections to help unite the Pilates industry in New Zealand, improve access to education, and maintain high standards for the profession going forward into a new era. She is a certified Mat and Reformer Pilates teacher and holds a Diploma of Clinical Pilates. 


Council Member

Abbey owns Movementor Pilates in Christchurch and is an Educator and Mentor for Polestar Pilates NZ teacher training.  Abbey started her Pilates journey at the NZ School of Dance before becoming a nurse in the early 2000s.  Abbey holds Polestar Pilates Mat and Comprehensive Pilates qualifications, is a Franklin Method Level 1 educator and studied Myofascial Release with Beth Beauchamp.

“I am passionate about quality education and training for up and coming pilates teachers and hope the Pilates Aotearoa strengthens the community and grows public awareness”.


Council Member

Marco is an authentic Pilates comprehensively certified teacher. Trained in both London and Auckland he owns Contrology Gymnasium, a fully equipped Pilates Studio in Queenstown.

“Creating an inclusive NZ-wide platform for the Pilates industry and establishing a united Pilates voice are the reasons why I became involved in Pilates Aotearoa”.


Council Member

Tania is a Pilates Teacher Trainer, a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT), and the owner of
Hearts and Bones Pilates® Centre. Tania’s life has always revolved around movement.

“I discovered Pilates in 1995 and it changed the course of my life.  I love training teachers to be the best they can be. I am happy to add my knowledge and support to the development of Pilates Aotearoa.” Tania is also a myofascial release therapist and Pilates business coach.”


Council Member

Claire is a Registered Osteopath and Fully Certified Pilates Instructor.  Claire has over 15 years experience teaching pilates, completing her first comprehensive certification in 2004 with Pilates International Training Centre (PITC), Australia. She has also worked with Polestar Pilates NZ and completed the BASI Comprehensive Certification.

Claire has mentored many pilates instructors since owning her own studio and is excited to be involved in the inception of an organisation that supports those working within the pilates industry, and works to maintain a high standard of pilates instruction here in New Zealand.


Council Member

Simone is a BASI Pilates Comprehensively Trained and local Faculty for BASI Pilates in New Zealand. She also owns The Physio Pilates Studio in Auckland.

“I wanted to be involved in Pilates Aotearoa because I am passionate about quality Pilates education and connection matters to my community. Teaching with compassion and striving for excellence is part of our values and we believe in an inclusive Pilates Community representing us all.”


Council Member

Maree is director of Polestar Pilates NZ.

“My roots to Pilates started in London back in the late 80s. I now have invested over 30 years of working in the industry, including introducing Pilates to New Zealand back in 1995. My role in Pilates Aotearoa is to guide and ensure we create an inclusive community and to  ensure we are drawing all Pilates Professionals together with the same goals  and visions of maintaining the standards of our industry.”


ExerciseNZ represents Aotearoa’s exercise industry, supporting both our people and places – with the vision of everyone in Aotearoa exercising. 

Supporting us in a variety of ways – including resources, funding, and expertise – ExerciseNZ advocates for the Pilates industry in conversations at a governance level. 

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Our sister organisation, the New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs), is the quality mark of exercise professionals and facilities in New Zealand. All Pilates Aotearoa individual members will also recieve REPs registration, and the benefits that entitles.

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YogaNZ is the registration body for Yoga teachers, Teacher Training Courses, and Yoga Therapists in Aotearoa.

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