This page is for students, with questions on the fitness industry.

NOTE: If you are a business wanting stats and figures on the exercise industry in New Zealand, then this is NOT the page for you.  We have access to LOTS of data on the industry, and can share some of it (we will never share information on any particular business, nor any data collected for a specific purpose).  We can however share lots of high level summarised data, including # of clubs in NZ (or regions), as well as growth of the industry over time.  Contact ExerciseNZ, indicating specifically what info/data you are after and we will reply back with what we can supply, and any costs.


Due to the volume of potential enquiries, ExerciseNZ does not provide individual replies to requests for info for students doing assignments.

Students may also find the Latest News link on the main page useful as well as the information below.

Guide to starting out

Designed for those thinking about a career in the exercise industry in New Zealand.

Developed by the NZ Register of Exercise Professionals, in conjunction with the PT Council, and supported by ExerciseNZ. This is a comprehensive guide that outlines many of the factors to think about when considering a career as an exercise professional.

Click on the image on the left to view the guide online, or download a pdf version here (note: 40 pages, 6 MB file)

Looking for a job in the Exercise industry?

fitnzFor those looking for a career in the industry the best place to look is the job site Full details can be found on the website.