In addition to the ExerciseNZ Code of Ethics (view a copy below) there are two specific areas with their own sub-codes. These sub-codes are specifically in relation to Membership Terms and Conditions and Use of Drugs/performance enhancing substances.

In addition to the items listed on the code, the club displaying the code also agrees to the following sub-codes:

Use of Drugs / performance enhancing substances

-Prohibit the promotion, use or distribution of any substance or method which would be in breach of the Sports Anti-doping Rules or the REPs Code
-Ensure members have access to information concerning substances and methods that are prohibited in sports and information on the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) code
-Ensure members have a confidential mechanism for reporting activity which may be in breach of the Sports Anti-Doping Rules or this Code.

Membership Terms and Conditions

-The maximum cancelation notice period (to terminate a membership outside its initial term) is one month.
-Any notice period for cancelation may be given during the initial term, so that if sufficient notice is given, it is possible to terminate at the end of the initial term (i.e. it is forbidden to require notice to be given only after the initial period has finished).
– Have a policy for when exceptions to standard membership terms and conditions are granted.

Note: The term ‘initial term’ is used to define the period during which a member cannot, under normal circumstances, cancel their membership. So a member joining for ’12 months, paying $25 a week’, the term 12 months is the initial term.

These codes were last reviewed in 2021