Pilates Aotearoa is dedicated to recognising and maintaining professional standards for Pilates, which starts with the education providers who teach the base level instructor/teacher trainings, and ongoing professional development.

Education Course Providers

Our aim is to recognise Pilates Education Courses which are unique in their own respects, yet preserve and advance the work of Joe and Clara Pilates’ work. 

A Pilates Aotearoa accredited Education Course has met the Base Criteria for providing instructor and teacher training in either or all of:

(A) Fitness Pilates Mat 

(B) Fitness Reformer; and/or

(C) Pilates Method Teacher

We will be opening to submissions for registering Pilates Education Courses in the second half of 2024. If you are interested registering your Pilates Education course, please click the button so you are kept in the loop.

Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional development (CPD) is compulsory for individual Pilates Aotearoa members. Engaging in professional development not only ensures competency and best practice by upskilling, it also fosters a sense of community, helps maintain motivation and safeguards standards for the Pilates profession.

At present, Individual members are required to gain 10 Continuing Professional Development points annually to renew their registration. 

This can be from ANY establishment provider, provided it is Pilates specific content and/or fosters a discussion with other Pilates professionals. Non-specific Pilates training can also count as long as it is relevant to your Pilates practice and/or business – these trainings will require you submit a short form outlining how this is relevant to your Pilates practice/instruction).

Ways Individual Members can achieve their CPDs are:

  • attend Pilates-specific professional development trainings:
  • attend verified professional development programmes delivered by Pilates Aotearoa accredited providers (soon to come);
  • attend formal masterclasses with PA members (soon to come)
  • deliver a Pilates professional development programme
  • attend online Pilates-specific workshops
  • attend non-Pilates programmes or workshops, for example business development, pathology, anatomy extension, physiology (together with a submission on how it is relevant to your practice/business).